Monday, June 21, 2010

If you give a girl a project...

If you give a girl a bedroom to makeover, she'll realize the closet needs to be organized. After the closet is organized, she'll need new shelves to store everything in the closet.... and so the story goes.

First blogging lesson learned. Never say "I'll post tomorrow" :)

Kendra's room has been coming along beautifully. There is so much more than just painting and rearranging when it comes to your own home. There's always that second step...and then the third...and before you know it, you've spent the hours on things you hadn't planned. That's what's happening with Kendra's room. I feel like the mouse who was given a really BIG cookie but only one day to eat it. Uber bliss....come back to me!

Three updates to give...
1. I sent Kendra fabric samples and she told me last night that she loves them. She's very excited! So am I!
2. The walls, trim and furniture are painted. Check out today's second blog about painting the trim.
3. We have family coming from out of town who will be sleeping in her room on Thursday!!! AHHHHHHHH! The out of town guest situation is a catch 21. I LOVE having a deadline and it makes me work harder to get the room completed. BUT...I have a headboard to make, curtains to sew, a room to accessorize. I have a very busy day!

The painting is done. It was uber fun to paint! I've painted more rooms than I can count. Like Janell at Isabella and Max Rooms, I have a hard time hiring anyone to do something I can. This room painted beautifully. The paint poured out of the can like Paul Deen hot chocolate and dried on the wall like even yummier dark chocolate. The color is Dutch Boy Coffee Connoisseur and it works perfectly with the fabric. The trim, walls, furniture, accessories - it's all painted.

I am definitely a thrifty girl. I LOVE finding the deal and turning it into a hot treasure. The top dresser I found for $25 at a DAV Thrift Store. The bottom dresser at a tag sale for $25. Kendra had her eye on a dresser similar to it in Pottery Barn. Both painted up beautifully and were meant for her room.

Saturday was a complete spray paint high! :) After sanding, filling, priming and painting, I was ready to call it a day.

Yesterday I went through all of the boxes and storage containers as I moved Kendra's closet. All Barbie's, American Girls, Bratz and their lovely accessories have been cleaned, sorted and most of the them stored for safe keeping. Although it was time consuming, I really enjoyed doing it. It brought back a lot of little girl memories that seemed like a few months ago. Sigh. Where does the time go?

Here's a funny for all of you decorators...This is a great picture I found at Nell Hill quite a few years back. It was originally priced at $550.00 but the glass was broke out of the front and I got it for $89.00. UBER BLISS! It has hung in both of my new homes but has been in storage since our move to this home. I painted it white and will use the graphic fabric on the foam core - that is already in the frame - as a bulletin board in Kendra's room.

Here's the funny. There's wire, curling ribbon AND PANTYHOSE (LOL!) on the back as the hanging mechanism! I had a good laugh about this one. I'm sure not a single one of you has ever improvised this way?!

Thanks for following along. More posts of the room soon. Definitely before Thursday :)!


  1. Oh, you have exhausted even me! At this rate the room will be done in about an hour...and no, I have never used panty hose to hang a picture!! I'll remember this one in a pinch...

  2. I don't know if you should remember that one Janell. I would NEVER do that on a job...why would I have ever done that in my home. I wish I could remember what I was thinking :)!

  3. Hey! Your'e doing chocolate walls?! Thats what I did in my bedroom too, SWEET! AND I also have one of those french dressers! If you want to take a look, check out my posts labeled master bedroom!

    I can't wait to see the space!

  4. lol, the panyhose very handy! You found some great finds, love dresser and vanity pretty

  5. I learned that blogging lesson too.
    I would post more of my home but sometimes I feel a bit pretentious, like "Look at all my cool stuff".
    Should I blog more about my home?
    I would like your opinion.
    Best wishes, Camille

  6. I think we should all blog about our homes. Isn't that where we try the things we're a little nervous to do for others? Isn't that the place that we all usually do AFTER we've exhausted ourselves and our ideas for the sake of others? Let's blog about our homes, ladies! I think that will make a great post in the coming days. Thanks, Camille! Can't wait to see your abode!