Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kendra's Room - headboard part 1

Do you know what this is?

or...I should ask do you know what I'm going to do with this old chair?

It has become this frugal lady's foam and batting for Kendra's headboard.

Before you turn up your nose and say ewww, know that it has belonged to me for quite some time. I know who has used it and that it's in good shape. I'm pretty picky. It has to be in great shape. This chair lived a good life but with broken springs and torn edges it was time to be recycled.

I also have done this before. I don't have to tell you DIYer's that foam is expensive. If there's ever a way to save and still make things look fab - I'm in!

All you need is a little elbow grease and a sharp razor and you can find all kinds of material for projects. Look at all the foam and batting that I was able to salvage from this one chair! Always look for the 'other use'. It could save you a bundle!

I'm on my way to pick up the headboard which I had someone else cut...I know, I know. I said yesterday I have a hard time paying someone to do something I can do. Turns out the guy cutting for me refinishes furniture and I traded out the old hardware from Kendra's bedroom furniture for his time. LOVE HIM!

My bestie Jill, has also offered to sew my curtains tonight - she must have heard the desperation in my voice when I said, "I reeeeeeeeeaaaaaalllly don't want to sew these today but I have to get this room done." LOVE HER!

Room is coming along....slowly.


  1. Can't wait to be your seamstress! I'll start in the morning! Whoo hoo! Love ya! The room looks even more amazing in person! :)

  2. Ha, most rooms do come along slowly...I can't believe you are taking that chair apart. Well, not really, not after I had to purchase foam for my headboard, I was in shock. I went to the counter and thought the entire 8 foot piece was $29, not $29 a yard...and that was for the thinner stuff!

    And there is nothing more wonderful than getting help from friends and barters!!! It makes it all just that much more fun. Enjoy the process! Janell