Friday, July 16, 2010

My German Family

I arrived in Amsterdam by jumping off the plane and finding the nearest bathroom. It wasn't pretty, people! The landing was a little bumpy and my stomach felt every movement.
No one was surprised that I made fast friends with the gentlemen sitting next to me on the plane. Jorge was from the Ukraine coming from Fargo, North Dakota where he was learning about American sugar - interesting. Max was from Switzerland but has lived in so many places - including Strasbourg and Paris! He and I quickly started talking about where we should go and what we should do and before the flight was over I had two maps drawn on napkins telling me exactly what I needed to know - where to shop, where to eat and how to stay away from the tourists! Woo Hoo! Thanks Max!!!!
Kristi, Sandy and I - exhausted, hungry and ready for Europe!

It wasn't long before my sisters and I found the Jungle Juice Bar and ordered up some cappucino and waited for the rest of the family to arrive and our rides to find us.

Meine Deutche papa - my German daddy found us in no time and we were off!

The Netherlands know how to make things look beautiful with flowers.

It is only a short drive from Amsterdam to where my family lives and it was just enough time to take a short nap before all the fun began. We are staying with my cousin Hanne Sprey and her husband Helmut's beautiful home. The gardens in Germany have similar plants but they are kept differently. I'll post more on gardens later.

We got our hostess basket ready to take to the family night gathering. Really, the basket ended up being for us!

The day was full of seeing family and, as I promised, a lot of food and drinks. The best liquor EVER EVER EVER is a Saure Kirche - a sour cherry liquor that tastes like the cherry flavoring in snow cones - I KID YOU NOT! Uber Yummy!

My cousins Vera, Sigrid, Tine, MaLu and Hanne.

We were up until 3:30 am talking and laughing but I got a nap in this afternoon. Tomorrow morning, Kristi and I will be going to a Flo Mart - pretty word for FLEA MARKET!! One of the largest in the area and I am uber excited! We are leaving at 6:30am so I'll be off to bed soon...after another beer!
Bis morgen(till morning)!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


  1. Ok, so I'm making a list of things I need to ask you about while you're gone, so that when you get back I'll remember to ask them....#1 on my list is...WHAT HAPPENED ON THE PLANE???? You know me, I'll have to hear more! I already want to go to the family place based on the pic, and I'm really jealous of the cute little sign and hedge outside the house. We need to start that in the 'Ville. I want one outside our house that says, "Fam Baker". Too cute. Miss ya.... Love, Jill PS Hug Karl for me...tell him I expect a present when he gets back! :)

  2. What great updates! Looks like you are having a wonderful time - I will live vicariously thru you guys for the next 2 weeks! Tell Kristi my treat can be a tiny treasure from one of your cool flea market trips!! Have fun - keep the updates coming!