Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tres Bon!

We made it to Paris last night after a long drive. We made a detour to a concentration camp in the Vogese Mountains. It happened to be the first camp that the Americans found and it was definitely interesting and heartbreaking. I think that I´ll do a much more detailed blog about everything from the trip when I get back to the states. I´m finding that it is so hard to take the time to post all the picutes and tell about everything because there is just SO MUCH!

This is the view from our apartment...yup...uh huh...we have an entire wall of glass with a spiral staircase in an UBER AWESOME quatrant of Paris! I´re jealous. Ok...back to the trip TO Paris...

Tine was a fantastic autoban driver! It took us a few stops and a few maps but we found our way to everywhere we needed to go.

We found our way to Equisheim, a small wine village on the Alsace Wine Tour. We arrived with just enough time to enjoy 20 minutes of a wine tasting! Seriously! The lady at the hotel checked us in quickly and said Veet! Veet! which means hurry and sent us out the door. Made me wonder if we looked too "American looking for a good time". But we didnt care! We ran out the door, shelled out our 4 Euros and drank up!!

The two things I remember most about this small village...ok, three...the wine, the hobbit doors -seriously, all the doors in the village were less than 6 feet tall, and the real stork nest on the church - very Mary Poppins!

And then....we arrived!
Today we toured Paris on the double decker tour bus which was phenomenal!

Yes...this is the ´rose line´at St. Sulpice...just like in the Da Vinci Code. We had to go see it with our own eyes. Although, it really isn´t the rose line and we learned a lot!

We pretty much saw the entire city and had it narrated thanks to the earphones. We planned our next few days this evening and will be up early to see good on those plans. I can´t wait to show you everything!

I read over and over that Paris is beautiful and everyone who said it is absolutely telling the truth. Mon Dieu! Tres Bien!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

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