Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another German Day of Adventure

Lesson 1 of my German adventure: the keyboards a not the same, z and y have changed places, the ALT key makes the @ sign, and if zou arenät pazing attention zour tzping looks like this!

Lesson 2 of my German adventure: they never run out of beer! I really had forgotten about that one!

We spent our first full day enjoying family and touring the local community of Steinfurt and Leer. We walked to the Steinfurt Castle which is curved. A really interesting sight that you really can't see well from the picture.

We enjoyed ice cream which was great after a few hours of shopping. They offer something at the ice cream shop called spaghetti ice cream. They take hard ice cream and run it through a masher that makes it look like spaghetti noodles! Really funny especially for the kids. They top it with strawberries, kiwi...just about anything. Uber Yummy!

We walked to the grocery store to get some whipped cream for the cakes - mmmmm - and I couldn't help taking pictures of this lunchmeat made for kids. It's shaped like a teddy bear! Uh...not sure it would make me buy it for my kids but I think they would probably eat it.

While we were shopping, we visited a wine store and they offered wine tastings. When I saw the bottles with the rubber hoses and clamps I laughed out loud! It reminded me of my college days...except this wine was not offered at poor college student prices Ö!

I mentioned the German gardens in my last blog and I wanted to share how impressive the German cemeteries are. They take such good care of the cemeteries that you would never know that they weren't parks. They are manicured, clipped and watered every day.

They even offer watering cans and a well. I can't ever remember a cemetery looking like this in the United States and the German cemeteries have looked like this for as long as I can remember.

This was another great day but every great day ends with tired feet, a light heart and many memories to dream about. More tomorrow about our final days with family and the start of our adventure to France!

Friday, July 16, 2010

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  1. Ok, so the bike picture totally neds to be enlarged and put in your house somewhere. Love it. Miss you!