Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Voila France

Ahhhh....doesn`t that picture say it all? We knew we were in France as soon as we started seeing the words boulangerie and chocolatier...oh yes...and Vin! I told you all we would need was bread, chocolate and wine! and...that`s pretty much what we`ve had! UBER BLISS!!

After a few more days with family, we left for France with our bags full of rolls and Nutella...mmmmm.....from our family breakfast.

Our Bed and Breakfast in Blaesheim was quaint and beautiful. Yves and Christine were tremendously helpful as we tried to find our way around the countryside and Strasbourg.

We took a river cruise around the city when we arrived in Strasbourg so we could understand the city a little more. There aren`t enough adjectives to describe how beautiful and OLD the city is. I`ll let the pictures explain...
We climbed to the top of Notre Dam Cathedral of Strasbourg. See my knees shaking???!!! It was a spectacular view of the city. The stones at the top had carvings of people who helped donate to the cathedral or helped build it...we weren`t sure and we couldn`t ask correctly in French so we just said oui oui and figured that`s what it was. Some of the dates were as far back as 1642. Wow! We come from such a young country.
We spent one more night in Bleisheim with Yves and Christine, who were very patient with us while they explained how we needed to proceed.

Once we knew where we were going, we started off with our car packed and our eyes looking for THIS sign...the Alsace Wine Road Tour! We found it and also found the gazillion little villages on the road. It`s funny how the map makes them look like they are miles apart when really you only travel a couples miles if that. I now see why this is also a famous biking wine tour.
I could go on and on ...and I will when I get to Paris tonight! Right now I`m in need of croissant eau chocolat!!! UBER BLISS!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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  1. soooo gorgeous....sooooo jealous! Bring me back a baguette!

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